Bent to her will


I am a mid thirties married man with a many a kink which my wife happily uses against me to her own advantage.

Some of these kinks include, but are not completely inclussive :) stockings, pantyhose, legs, heels, cunnilingus, queening, tease and denial, complete Goddess satisfaction.

We do not play with others!
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And still he isn’t allowed to cum!

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Yes Goddess

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Where do I start Mistress?



How wonderful a life is for a chaste-toy!

May all the Ladies & chaste-toys out there, share this wonderful Christmas gift to each other.  May the New Year bring many more surprises.

Merry Christmas to all.

Here’s your choice: we can take off all our clothes and you can play with me while I tell you all the details of my weekendin Vegas, or I can unlock you for ten minutes to jerk off in the bathroom. You have only 4 days to go, so choose wisely.

Wife is rewarded after a week of worshiping her Mistress and denied her own orgasm


He’s not much of a houseboy..but he has other…attributes „, - SelinaMinx

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